The challenges of scale and security

Airports are complex environments with lots of people moving through them in a limited amount of time. Airports also have a high demand for security and safety. The Envac systems helps face the immense logistical challenges of any airport, making waste collection cost-efficient and secure.

As general waste bags from in-coming flights are disposed of into the system directly on the apron or at the gate, there is no need for manual transportation through security or custom filters.

Terminal buildings

Our waste inlets are well distributed over arrival/departure halls, leisure areas and at the gates. The inlets are connected to a hermetically sealed pipe network hidden in the fabric of the building. The waste is transported in the pipes to containers in a waste collection station, typically located on the outskirts of the airport.

As an option, all litter bins can be connected to the system, avoiding frequent manual emptying routines.

Going green and cost-efficient

Our system is not only a way to improve the environment for travellers and airport personnel. It is also a way to reduce the airport’s impact on the climate and reach a high level in Airport Carbon Accreditation as the Envac system runs on electricity only. In traditional handling combustion engines are often used for the on-ground transportation which affects the air quality.

Our system can help airline catering facilities improve their levels of recycling. It makes it easier to use the gross amounts of food waste as an environmental resource in biogas production or composting, all while being clean, smart, and cost-efficient.

Waste disposal points

The system handles both recyclables and waste. By pushing a button on the inlet, staff directs the bag to the correct chute for temporary storage. The control system automatically empties one chute at a time.

As general waste bags from in-coming flights is disposed of into the system directly on the apron or at the gate, there is no need for manual transportation on carts or trolleys.

For the environment

Envac's system eliminates the need for waste collection trucks at airports, significantly reducing traffic-related emissions of exhaust gases and carbon dioxide (CO2). This contributes to a cleaner environment and a more sustainable future for air travel.

Terminal buildings

The Envac system implemented at airports is a sophisticated network of pipes, strategically integrated behind walls, within ceilings, and in subterranean service corridors. Disposal points for waste bags, accessible to cleaning staff, are placed throughout the building, covering both airside and landside areas.

Waste bags are momentarily held in a vertical chute, secured by a valve at the bottom. When sensors detect that the chute is nearing capacity, a signal is sent to the control system to initiate an emptying cycle. The bags are then transported by an airflow to a waste collection station situated outside the airport building, ensuring efficient and safe waste management.

Pipe in service corridor

For transport of waste bags from disposal point to collection station.


A transport pipe network connects disposal point in the buildings with the waste collection terminal.

Waste collection station

Envac's waste collection station is strategically located near a main road for easy access. This eliminates the need for multiple trucks to drive to each building. Instead, waste from all locations is efficiently collected at this central station.

Automatically controlled

Envac's intelligent Envac Automation Platform (EAP) automatically controls all processes.

Kitchen Waste System

Handling waste in large-scale industrial kitchens or catering facilities is a significant challenge. Our Kitchen Waste System facilitates impeccable hygiene and minimizes cross-contamination. Hermetically sealed steel waste inlets throughout the kitchen’s preparation area, dishwashing area and cleaning areas are connected to our state-of-the-art pneumatic waste removal system eliminating the need for unhygienic manual waste handling. The inlets can be used for different types of waste and recyclables making the system sustainable as well as sanitary.


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